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"Helping musicians create records that they can be proud of - that's my job"
About Me
Jesse Castro
Vocalist / Song-Writer / Producer
Jesse Castro helps other musicians break down a record and control their craft. Jesse has worked on songs with "The Blues Magoos", "Immortal Technique", "Jay and The Americans", "The Bitter End", "Joey Kramer" from Aerosmith, Cassidy, and many others. What's the beauty of a producer like this? Once you work with Jesse you're not going to want to work with another producer!

Literally... schedule your first session.

Now, not only has Jesse worked with tons of Legends, but Jesse is a multi instrumentalist. Jesse has been a featured act on The FOX TV Show "Fearless Music", has been written up in Modern Drummer Magazine, and is now looking for fresh new talent.

Why? because he is THAT confident that HE can find the next Super Stars of this generation!

Now what do you have to lose? Book a session below and give your music a chance.
Hear From Client Success Stories
I firmly believe almost any musician can thrive through music alone - From a solo singer to full bands - Just take a look at some of the top artists, now realize that there are thousands of other artists making a living from music. That's why Jesse Castro Music was created. To turn your music career into a profitable life. 
"Within a day I had fully mixed and mastered record and Jesse's work strategy was amazing. The investment made will continue to have an impact on future projects."
-Immortal Technique
"Jesse has helped us elevate our presence on social media in a large way. He met with us to see what direction we wanted to head in and tailored the record accordingly."
Trust Me. If You Want To Make History, We Can Help.
Learn how we can do the same for your music brand.
"In this section, Jesse Castro will be giving his insights on recording. Mentioning a quote from a legend of his choice so the potential client doesn't think this is a game. The quote will have to do with the art of recording so it will be relatable. It will be inspiring, and the reader will be like oh shit, I like that."
"In this section, Jesse Castro will be giving his insights on mixing. Mentioning a key element about mixing that most producers fail to take action on. The key element will be advice/a mindset shift, that potential clients can run with . It will be inspiring, and the reader will be like oh shit, that makes sense."
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If you're willing to take your music to the next level by working with a well seasoned producer; and then growing it some more by taking advice from multi-platinum artists; you are the type of musician I want to work with.
"In this section, Jesse Castro will be giving a tip on mastering. Mentioning a key element about mastering that most recording artist don't know. This will be advice/what to look for with other producers, that potential clients can keep in mind. It will make the artist be like oh shit, okay sounds good."
"In this section, Jesse Castro will be sharing his mindset when writing a new record. Mentioning 1 important thing to keep in mind when writing records. The 1 important thing will be advice that potential clients can think about. It will make the reader be like oh shit, now I know what to do."
Hire the producer you need to take your music to the next level
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